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الجزيرة نت: آخر أخبار اليوم حول العالم

الأخبار والتحليلات من الشرق الأوسط والعالم ، الوسائط المتعددة والتفاعلات ، الآراء ، الأفلام الوثائقية ، البودكاست ، القراءات الطويلة وجدول البث.

الأخبار والتحليلات من الشرق الأوسط والعالم ، الوسائط المتعددة والتفاعلات ، الآراء ، الأفلام الوثائقية ، البودكاست ، القراءات الطويلة وجدول البث

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Iraq: A Lost War – Resultat for Google Books

Iraq: A Lost War – M. El-Shibiny – Google Bøger

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Iraq: A Lost War deals with the impact of September 11th on the occupation of Iraq and the U.S. declaration of war on international terrorism. It investigates whether war in Iraq was morally justified and whether coalition forces capturing and hanging its president were morally and legally acceptable internationally.

The New Arab Media: Technology, Image and Perception

The New Arab Media: Technology, Image and Perception – Google Bøger

أخبار، تحليلات، متابعات ومحتوى مرئي منوع من موقع الجزيرة. تابعنا على: @aljazeeraeconomy @aljazeera.sports • @aljazeerahealth – @aljazeeratechnology.

The New Arab Media: Technology, Image and Perception provides a valuable introduction and analysis of some of the most important issues surrounding the new media revolution in the Middle East. In particular, the book examines the two Janus-like faces of the new media in the Middle-East: its role in reflecting developments within the region, as well as its function in projecting the Arab world outside the Middle East. Now available in paperback, the contributions address various aspects of new media developments, each one highlighting an aspect of the complexity of the relationship between new media developments and Middle Eastern cultures. The topics examined include: the impact of Al-Jazeera * implementation of the internet in the region * the use of the media for diplomacy and propaganda * image culture * the use of the internet by religious diasporas * information and communication technologies and the Arab Public Sphere * the influence of satellite television on Arab public opinion * the explosion of local radio stations in Jordan.

Al Jazeera English: Global News in a Changing World

Al Jazeera English: Global News in a Changing World – P. Seib – Google Bøger

Although Al Jazeera English has yet to receive to receive the attention accorded to its Arabic-language elder sibling, it is in many ways the more interesting of the two. It seeks to redefine global news coverage by focusing on areas that are traditionally neglected by most news organizations, and its potential audience is many times larger than that of the Arabic channel. This will be the first book to thoroughly examine this channel’s coverage methods, effects on its audience, and its place in the world of mediated geopolitics.Al Jazeera recognized that if it was to expand its worldwide influence, it could not do so wholly in Arabic. And so, in 2006, it launched Al Jazeera English, the first English-language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. With its principal broadcast centers in Doha, Washington, London, and Kuala Lumpur, the channel faced the task of proving itself to be more than a curiosity and just a junior version of the all-news English-language channels such as the BBC or CNN. After several years of operation, Al Jazeera English seems well on its way to defining its place in the market. The breadth of its coverage, particularly its emphasis on reporting from the global South, has distinguished it from many of its competitors. Thorough coverage from the Middle East and from Africa provides a perspective that other major satellite channels have rarely offered their audiences. Initially, Al Jazeera English was available to 80 million cable and satellite households. It was, however, accessible by only a small number of viewers in the United States (mainly those accessing it through several online providers) primarily because of political reasons. Whatever the political back-story may be, gaining access to a larger global market will depend on audience demand. If Al Jazeera English does a better job of covering major stories, particularly in the Middle East and the global South, than other channels do, and if its competitors find themselves saying, “As Al Jazeera English reported today . . .,” news consumers will eventually demand access. This book will examine these political issues and will also analyze the channel’s audience base, particularly in Africa and South Asia. The book will also offer evaluations of Al Jazeera English’s defining moments to date – its reporting during the 2008-2009 war in Gaza (written by Palestinian and Israeli scholars), and its coverage of the “Ground Zero Mosque” controversy in 2010. The volume will also consider Al Jazeera English in the context of public diplomacy and the growing significance of diasporic populations. – Home | Facebook – Startside

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Al-Jazeera’s “Double Standards” in the Arab Spring: A Peace …

Al-Jazeera’s “Double Standards” in the Arab Spring: A Peace Journalism … – Zainab Abdul-Nabi – Google Bøger

This book finds that Al-Jazeera’s coverage of Bahrain and Syria has conformed with Qatar’s foreign policy, throughout the last decade (2011-2021). Al-Jazeera Arabic adopted Qatar’s “double standards” policy in both countries in the beginning of the Arab Spring, framing Bahrain’s protests as a “sectarian movement,” while depicting the Syrian armed conflict as a legitimate “revolution” (2011-2013). The book observes that when ties between Qatar and Bahrain worsened during the 2017 Gulf crisis, Al-Jazeera Arabic has shifted its coverage from being “pro-Bahraini regime” to “pro-protesters,” focusing on violations and giving voice to activists (2014-2021). The book concludes that the lack of “Peace Journalism” framing in Al-Jazeera’s coverage of Bahrain’s uprising and Syria’s chemical weapons attacks has represented “claims” as “facts,” and justified military action against Syria. It also reveals distinctive differences between Al-Jazeera Arabic and English, with the former lacking “objective reporting standards,” and using more sectarian language than the latter.

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